Range of treatments Ymalia Paris

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Range of treatments Ymalia Paris in a hotel Spa in la Réserve de Beaulieu

Profit from the refreshing and invigorating moments with the range of bio beauty treatments from Ymalia Paris available in the luxurious hotel of la Réserve de Beaulieu. Ymalia treatments are rich in vitamins E and C, and marine polyphenols that have a powerful antioxidant and anti-free radical effect.

The range of BIO beauty treatments from Ymalia Paris makes all traces of age disappear from your face, owing its beneficial properties to the isotonic water naturally rich in mineral nutrients.

« Find the essence of life in primeval waters and revitalise your skin with new energy »

ISOTONIQUE water increases the absorption of micro-elements through the skin so that the sea salts applied will nourish it even better. ISOTONIQUE water is obtained in special zones, fully protected from any exterior pollution. The water is then sterilised in a microfiltration process which allows us to preserve its beneficial properties.

Creams used in Ymalia Paris treatments feature the extracts from Himanthalia. Himanthalia is an alga naturally rich in vitamins E and C, provitamin A and marine polyphenols accelerating the synthesis of collagen.

Ymalia R&D laboratories have discovered a micro-encapsulation process that allows to preserve the effectiveness of the Himanthalia active ingredients when applied to your skin in a beauty treatment.

The three key words for YMALIA are:

  • Quality: light and pleasant textures of the products accompanied by a delicate perfume.
  • Innovation: creation of the original fundamental waters complex combining beneficial properties of original waters: the isotonic sea water, fresh source water and floral water.
  • Know-how: active ingredients micro-encapsulated in bio beauty treatments.

Take your time to enjoy and benefit from Ymalia treatments in a luxurious venue of la Réserve de Beaulieu