Nym an essential oil treatment

La Reserve de Beaulieu, the luxury 5 stars property situated on the Côte d’Azur, invites you to discover, within its prestigious spa center, the 2017’s flagship product: the essential care oil Nym.

It is the neem tree, a plant with multiple and mystical virtues, which makes this oil treatment a special product. This tree was called also « 21st century’s tree » by the United Nations, because of its promising qualities.

La Reserve de Beaulieu’s SPA, situated in an idyllic and relaxing space on the Côte d’Azur, develops constantly special cares for his hosts pleasure.

A wide variety of care with Nym oil

The Nym essential care oil will convey to your skin a well-being sensation, preserving it naturally without attacking it. It is no coincidence if La Reserve de Beaulieu has chosen to integrate this oil treatment in its SPA. This oil won the H. PIERANTONI innovation award 2017.

Discover, in our Institute, through different treatments, the efficiency on your skin of this prodigious oil, especially if you suffer from irritation or any other skin discomfort. This oil will be used on your face and body, including the scalp.

La Reserve de Beaulieu , prestigious 5 stars hotel on the Côte d’Azur, has selected the essential care oil Nym for the variety of its benefits.

Visit your Spa in Beaulieu to test this oil

Come and discover multiple care Nym oil in your favorite SPA on the Côte d’Azur.
Small tip, remember to make an appointment:

La Reserve de Beaulieu Hotel SPA
Open every day.
In low season: 9am to 7pm.
In High season: 9am to 8pm.
Tel. 0033 (0) 4 93 04 36 50 (direct line)

« Dinner in the Sky » – Yannick Franques

A magical place, an exceptional place, an experience … unique!

From 7 to 16 July 2017, take the height of a memorable dinner and enjoy an unforgettable view of the Principality of Monaco.

From the terraces of the Casino of Monte Carlo, facing the Mediterranean Sea, let yourself be carried away by the magic of gourmet cuisine at 50m high!

For ten days, star chefs from all over the world, including our chef Yannick Franques, contest of the best worker of France 2004 and starred, will cook in front of you to offer an unforgettable moment.

Booking: +00 377 93 10 54 15 – www.dinnerintheskymontecarlo.com

The Reserve begins its ecology

With the installation of a new charging point compatible with Tesla and many other manufacturers’ vehicles, your 5 star hotel La Réserve de Beaulieu welcomes electric vehicle drivers and makes your stay on the French Riviera easier.

This new turnkey service ensures your electric mobility and allows you to use your vehicle as you wish during your stay on the Riviera without having to worry about finding a source of power.

Give the key of your electric vehicle to our valets who will ensure it is connected and make sure it is properly charged. Recharge your vehicle whenever you wish and you can travel the most beautiful roads of the French Riviera with no problems.

Your 5-star hotel is happy to support you in your eco-friendly approach and offers this new service to the drivers of all electric vehicles equipped with a European-standard plug, which includes Tesla Model S, Smart ED and the entire Renault ZE range.

While your car will be full of energy in our garage, you can be serenely recharging your own batteries by taking advantage of the wellness areas and the many exclusive services at the Réserve de Beaulieu.

« Traveller’s Choice » Tripadvisor 2016


Beaulieu sur mer, FRANCE – 22.01.2016
The Hôtel La Réserve de Beaulieu & Spa announced today that they have been awarded the Travellers ‘™ Choice Prize in the Best Hotels in France category. The establishment ranks 21st out of 25 for the 14th year. TripAdvisor highlights the best establishments in the world based on millions of opinions garnered year after year from travellers from all corners of the planet. The winners are selected by categories : Best hotels, Good Deals, Chambres d’hôtes, Luxury, Romantic getaways, Service and Small Hotels. Outstanding service and remarkable value and quality are the determinant criteria for winning a Travellers’ Choice Prize.

« We would like to congratulate the establishments that have won the Travellers’ Choice Prize, said Barbara Messing, Director of Marketing at TripAdvisor. When these travellers look for accommodation for their next trip, they should definitely consult the pages of these laureate winning establishments that have wowed millions of members in the TripAdvisor community. »

To consult the complete list of Travellers’ Choice 2016 winners, please consult
Travellers can also follow the strings on Twitter with the hashtag

Hôtel La Réserve de Beaulieu & Spa
5 Boulevard du Maréchal Leclerc
06310 Beaulieu-sur-mer
Tel.  +33(0)

Oxyderme at the Spa of La Réserve de Beaulieu

The Spa of la Reserve de Beaulieu, luxury hotel on the Côte d’Azur, offers classic, hot stones or chocolate massages, face or hand beauty treatments, as well as techniques of care and revitalization. It expands its already wide range of body care with the acquisition of the famous Oxyderme: A new anti-aging care with pure oxygen.

Daniela Bela, the director of the Spa of La Reserve de Beaulieu, explains the remarkable benefits of the essential tool for every skin regeneration: “It has been developed by German and Italian teams in the 90’s in addition to the hyperbaric oxygen therapy to treat serious injuries. It is a 100% natural treatment that uses 98% pure oxygen and that is neither aggressive nor invasive for the skin. It consists in projecting hyperbaric oxygen, it is indeed the bar that measures the penetration force of oxygen in the skin. This method enables treatments and skin care combined with additional care, and in particularly care focusing on the rejuvenation of the skin, provided by Maria Galland.”

The device has two types of gas projectors, a quartz diffuser to insufflate oxygen on the surface, and a gun to insert oxygen in depth through the skin pores. Daniela Bela adds: « We need to go through the epidermis in order to reach the dermis. This gun enables to insert hyaluronic acid whose the main quality is to have 1000 times more capacity than any other product. In fact, this acid moisturises the epidermis in depth but has also an effect on the skin by fulfilling the intercellular spaces and by participating to the moisturising and the cohesion of the tissues. The result of these operations is the insufflation on the surface and in depth. It gives radiance and tonus to the skin but also “plumping” because unfortunately overtime, the skin elasticity tends to lose its tonus. I cannot confirm that this treatment replaces hyaluronic acid injections but by regularly using this kind of care, one can naturally maintain the production of collagen and elastin. This gives spectacular results on wrinkles or pigmentation disorders such as age spots. We can also obtain excellent results on sun spots that we manage to lighten or on uneven complexions of morning, on smoker skins, but also on damaged skins injured by aggressive methods such as chemical peels. Surprisingly, Oxyderme enables the injections of a capillary lotion that stimulates the hair bulbs. There are again incredible results..! ».

Therefore, the results are splendid. The epidermis seems to revive: the under-eye is less tired; the little lines of the face are delicately filled in. The skin is younger and radiant. It is moisturised and nourished.

The Spa of the hotel la Réserve de Beaulieu
Open daily.
In low season: 9h-19 h.
In high season: 9h-20h.
Tél. 0033 (0) 4 93 04 36 50 (Direct line)

« Le Bistro de la Réserve »

Over the years, Jean-Claude Delion has already proven to us that he is a daring innovator.

This is how he came to open the celebrated boutique, a gastronomic bistro. After acquiring the most subtle of the rising stars of gastronomy, Yannick Franques.

Sober, chic, elegant and convivial are expressions that best describe the decor.

In addition to the open kitchen, there is a good mix of copper, with white and light brown hues on the walls and cognac red for the seats and canapes.

Yannick Franques has handed the reins over to Anne-Sophie Sabini.

Anne-Sophie has a clear preference for sauces and a light elegant cuisine that unites sun-kissed flavours and local produce. She emphasizes a meticulous technique and has an incontestable creative instinct.

All this leans towards savoury dishes such as seasonal vegetables marinated in olive oil and marjoram, accompanied by anchovy fritters or a rabbit terrine with summer savory and toast as starters.

Not forgetting the famous mini Neapolitan and Bresaola pizzas. Seduced by the different main dishes of pasta and fish like cod brandade with herring caviar. In the meat section, lemon poultry, romaine spinach or shoulder of lamb confit with grilled almond couscous. Not omitting, the indispensable cheeseboard and a very tempting dessert wagon. All at a very affordable price.

For such a reputable establishment, it’s a real bargain for the clientele of the luxury hotel as well as visitors desirous of dining on the cuisine of a great chef.

The establishment also boasts a comfortable terrace, heated during the winter.

In as much as can be said, the choice of wines are remarkably fine: A succulent Chardonnay from the domaine of Triennes and a Tour l’évêque (pétale de rose).

In the red department, the château des Chaberts, a coteau from the Var.


Opening of La Table de la Réserve

  • Opening hours: 12 am to 2.30 pm – 7.30 pm to 9.30 pm
  • Closed on Mondays and Tuesdays

Entrées from 8 € – 13 € or 25 € for main courses.
Tel: +33 – La Réserve de Beaulieu & Spa, 5 bld du Maréchal Leclerc, Beaulieu-sur-mer

Yannick Franques the new star

You could say that Yannick Franques was born under a bright star. The new chef of La Réserve de Beaulieu, situated just a stone’s throw from the Principality of Monaco was appointed at the behest of Jean-Claude Delion, owner of the legendary palace.

After abandoning a promising career in football at the age of 16, he decided to follow his mother’s advice and opted for a career as a chef. Having apprenticed with such illustrious names as Alain Ducasse and Christian Constant, he also worked in the kitchens of the Hotel Crillon, on the Place de la Concorde in Paris for the former assistant director Eric Fréchon, now the chef of the Bristol Hotel in Paris. He has indeed honed his craft with the very best.
“Everything started with his very first mentor and apprenticeship master Joël Girodot de la Tonelle Saintongeaise in the very chic quarter of Neuilly-sur-Seine, in the Hauts-de-Seine region… ” recounts Yannick Franques. Joël Girodot is retired today but he still keeps in touch with his young apprentice who passed his culinary CAP when he was under him.” Yannick then went on to perform his military service in Paris at the Cercle Militaire des armées as chef.

After this, he joined a small family establishment belonging to a friend of Girodot who’s precious list of contacts includes some of the greatest chefs in the capital. He said to me “Stay a year and then I’ll find you a place with one of my friends.” After a short time (just 8 months) at Le Doyen (2 Michelin stars) Yannick Franques was appointed 1st Commis at the Crillon under Christian Constant, another friend of Joël Girodot’s. Constant in his turn sent me to Louis XV, the jewel of the Monegasque hotel industry with Alain Ducasse at the helm. I was travelling between Ducasse, Constant and his former assistant at the Crillon, Eric Fréchon. I was at the disposition of all of these great chefs, until Eric Fréchon took over the kitchens at the Bristol in Paris and asked me to be his second in command. The collaboration lasted eight years. During that time, I won the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France (MOF, Best Craftsman of France 2004). I wasn’t very keen to compete as I’m not a fan of competitions. It’s a lot of work. At the Bristol, I was one of six seconds, Eric Fréchon practically ordered me to take part and when I received the tasks, I put my head to it very seriously and succeeded the first time round. There was no pressure and this is what helped the most.”

It was in the Principality of Monaco, at the hotel Mirabeau that Franques was appointed Executive Chef de Cuisines for the first time. A few months after his appointment, the Mirabeau was transformed into a hotel residence. “It was a painful experience – said Franques because I had moved to the region with my wife and children. That was in 2007. Three years later after obtaining the title of Meilleur Ouvrier de France at the first go. I then learned that the Château Saint-Martin was looking for a head chef. I was one of many who applied. I later learned that an advisor o the group had spoken on my behalf saying that I was the one who could restore their two Michelin star status in three years– as they had lost one. I got it back for them in two…”
“Following a change in management, after six years or excellent and loyal service and collaboration, we parted ways.”

Yannick Franques then faced a new challenge at Terres Blanches in Tourettes in the Var region managing five restaurants. “There wasn’t the same stringency as I experienced in the Principality of Monaco. There wasn’t the same notion of quality to which I had become attached. So I decided to leave as soon as an opportunity presented itself.” Yannick remembered a meeting he had three years ago with Jean-Claude Delion, the director of la Réserve de Beaulieu. “Nothing came out of our discussion at the time because I wanted to honour my other engagements. I felt obligated to the château Saint Martin. I wanted to continue down the road with them. My decision to change orientation was made easier when my scruples were no longer important considering the situation.”

Jean-Claude Delion understood and respected my decision. Despite everything, I took up the challenge. The situation didn’t drag; in fact it changed very quickly. Jean-Claude Delion’s objective is the restitution of his two star Michelin prestige. For such an establishment it is primordial. Our kitchens will give priority primarily to seafood. With regard to this attribute of the region and the historic premises, I will be working on my culinary ideas for the next three months. We will begin serving gastronomic cuisine from April onwards.

In the meantime, the hotel boutique is closed for its transformation to a chic bistro. I have three months to create my menu. In keeping with the principles that have earned me my two stars at the Château St Martin, I will be working on every single dish personally for the menus as well as à la carte. We will also have a special meat menu. We cannot offer molecular cuisine here. I like gourmet, bourgeois cuisine. A bourgeois Provencal cuisine. I especially love olive oil. My gourmet dishes will be mainly olive oil based. There is also the bistro we need to get up and running. It is the alternative place. The cuisine will be ‘bistro chic’ yet simple.

For example, vegetables will be served in olive wood bowls or charcuterie served on wood boards. First and foremost, I need to be supported in my endeavour. As such, Yannick Franques intends to perpetuate his menu with a regional accent for the gastronomic establishment Le Restaurant des Rois. There will be his mythic plat de résistance “Le mystère de l’oeuf” a creation based on crème de Parmesan and a runny yolk, presented in a parmesan brioche. Yannick Franques’ cuisine is sheer harmony. It is based primarily on a rigorous technique and an incontestable creative instinct. There is no doubt that this manifold starred chef, known as much for his brilliant experience, inimitable talent as for his innovative culinary compositions will propel le Restaurant des Rois into the inner circle of the most reputed restaurants in the region.

A new challenge awaits Yannick Franques. No doubt he has something new to reveal. For Jean-Claude Delion has staked everything on this talented young virtuoso, putting at his disposition all necessary means. And La Réserve de Beaulieu is already dreaming: why not a third Michelin star.

Hotel Monaco Grand Prix

Visit Monaco Grand Prix and discover the luxurious hotel La Réserve de Beaulieu

The much awaited yearly event of the Monaco Grand Prix always takes place in May. It is more than just a simple Formula 1 race, it is an absolute must-attend event for the true fans of motorsports.

Just a few minutes from Principality of Monaco, the luxurious hotel La Réserve de Beaulieu is situated in an ideal place to let you enjoy this major sporting event. Come on 13rd – 15th May 2016 and see this mythical race that all drivers dream of winning.

Monaco Grand Prix – a complex race on a narrow course

Monaco Grand Prix is held at the slowest, yet also the most complicated of Formula 1 circuits. The streets of Monaco are so narrow that the smallest mistake may be lethal. All drivers fear this race but all dream of winning it one day.

The Monaco Grand Prix has witnessed a number of major accidents. To name a few, one can recall the multiple accidents of 2004, including the collision of Schumacher and Montoya, who drove into each other in a tunnel, or the accident that happened at the end of the race in 2011, consisted in a massive crash during the 69 lap and ended up in the race being stopped with a red flag.

Yet participating in the Monaco Grand Prix still is a magical and unforgettable experience. More than just a simple Formula 1 race, Monaco Grand Prix is a truly important event.

Grand Prix de Monaco Historique

The first historical winner of the Monaco Grand Prix was William Grover-Williams. The great names such as Schumacher, Senna, Prost, Fangio, Graham Hill followed.

The event of Grand Prix de Monaco Historique first took place in 1997 and was established to give you the opportunity to relive all the great moments in the history of Formula 1. This biennial of historical cars is like a dream to all nostalgic car enthusiasts and old car lovers. Grand Prix de Monaco Historique is held every two years on the weekend preceding the main Grand Prix event. This year it will take place on the weekend of the 12nd of May 2016.

Benefit from your stay at the luxurious hotel La Réserve de Beaulieu to fully enjoy all of the races. Just on the way from Nice to Monaco, our Palace is situated in an ideal place to live those unforgettable moments

Waterbike in a luxury hotel on the Riviera

WaterBike in the luxurious spa at La Réserve de Beaulieu hotel

Although WaterBike was originally invented for the purposes of medical rehabilitation, its beneficial influence on musculature – the decrease of water retention and the reduction of cellulite – have proved to be so interesting that it has become a true well-being instrument. For this reason, the luxurious hotel that La Réserve de Beaulieu is has acquired WaterBike so that you can benefit from its various qualities.

WATERBIKE presents several assets:

  • The drainage during the session constitutes an efficient treatment of cellulite and orange peel.
  • It sculpts the body and it improves the cardiovascular system at the same time.
  • It can be practiced easily and without major effort in tempered water, without strain on the joints.
  • The machine is lit up with gentle colour hues which are very beneficial for relaxation (chromotherapy).

The conditions are perfectly hygienic since the water is replaced before each session.
The use of ozone in the water provides micro-peeling for the skin.

BLANCHEMAISON, vascular specialist and phlebologist. This famous doctor and teacher in the faculty of medicine at Paris IV University has proved in his work that WaterBike is beneficial for the blood circulation in the legs and for the reduction of cellulite.

Studies carried out by doctor Blanchemaison have revealed a link between the deep leg muscles and venous lymphatic circulation by proving that the resistance water puts up brings many beneficial effects on antagonist and agonist muscles and that it also provides highly efficient drainage of skin and fat.

Active drainage works much more efficiently than a passive one carried out on a relaxed person; it allows for a stronger consolidation of the venous network and it diminishes water retention.

The interaction of three indispensable elements:
water – WATERBIKE – hydro massage
…enables you to achieve very good results in fighting cellulite.

With 16 hydro massage nozzles, the WaterBike proposed by the luxurious La Réserve de Beaulieu allows you to drain the sensible areas of your body in order to diminish orange peel lastingly.

With subsequent sessions, pedaling in water will restore energy and firmness to your body by toning your silhouette and transforming fat tissue into muscular tissue.

WaterBike is an indispensable instrument in the offer of a luxurious hotel. The exercise will strengthen your cardiovascular system and will be beneficial to your lymphatic circulation.

No matter if you want to reduce the cellulite, lose weight, strengthen your muscular and cardiovascular systems or simply diminish the sensation of heavy legs – WaterBike available in our hotel will serve your purpose.

Star Wellness exclusive partner of our wellness facilities : http://starwellness.com

A Five Star hotel on the French Riviera

In December, the Reserve de Beaulieu, an ensemble of two restaurants and a luxury hotel on the French Riviera, will be celebrating its first year under the new label  »5 star-hotel ».

France has only about one hundred luxury hotels that live up to the strict requirements established to become a part of this closed circle of French 5 star hotels, a distinction awarded to the most beautiful luxury hotels.

And the Côte d’Azur is the region where most of them are located.

Nevertheless, thanks to its superb geographical location, its extraordinary environment and the range and quality of the services it provides, the Reserve de Beaulieu has nothing to fear from the competing 5 star-hotels in the region.

To understand why, we must look into its history. The Reserve de Beaulieu is and has always been, the place chosen by all the great names of the world.

The walls of this place have seen royalty members and celebrities alike, all looking for a place in which to rest and forget the pressure of their lives and ranks.

Elegance and discretion have a true meaning in this place.

Still, the Reserve is not only the place where those writing a page in history bring their tired souls.

The secret to its success is also behind the scenes. The owners of the legendary Reserve de Beaulieu, the Delion family, have managed to transmit their passion thanks to their absolute and devoted involvement with this French Riviera palace.

Everything happens for a reason. The establishment could have  »rested on its laurels », distancing itself or getting stuck in the glorious moments of the past, which could have turned the Reserve into the typical place that is only reminiscent of yore, with a somewhat old-fashioned charm.

But this is not the case, thanks to the Delion family, who never ceased to improve the quality of the services, innovating in accommodation and gastronomy alike. This is why, when the new international 5 star-hotel label was created, it came as no surprise to find out that the Reserve de Beaulieu was one of the first luxury hotels to receive the distinction.

For a long time, France was a world exception, due to the fact that even the most beautiful palaces could not go beyond the category of 4 stars; abroad, on the other hand, a good number of hotels of much lower quality were in this category.

It was necessary to remediate this aberration by allowing the most luxurious establishments in the Hexagon to access this distinction and be at the same level as the other 5 star hotels that were blossoming beyond our borders.

It was only fair that the Reserve was distinguished, almost one year ago, as a truly exceptional place where the quality has never fallen over the years. The owners had the ability to find an equilibrium between respect for history, which is the Reserve’s most distinctive quality, and the services provided to the customers that adapt to the tastes and needs of our time.