A Five Star hotel on the French Riviera

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In December, the Reserve de Beaulieu, an ensemble of two restaurants and a luxury hotel on the French Riviera, will be celebrating its first year under the new label  »5 star-hotel ».

France has only about one hundred luxury hotels that live up to the strict requirements established to become a part of this closed circle of French 5 star hotels, a distinction awarded to the most beautiful luxury hotels.

And the Côte d’Azur is the region where most of them are located.

Nevertheless, thanks to its superb geographical location, its extraordinary environment and the range and quality of the services it provides, the Reserve de Beaulieu has nothing to fear from the competing 5 star-hotels in the region.

To understand why, we must look into its history. The Reserve de Beaulieu is and has always been, the place chosen by all the great names of the world.

The walls of this place have seen royalty members and celebrities alike, all looking for a place in which to rest and forget the pressure of their lives and ranks.

Elegance and discretion have a true meaning in this place.

Still, the Reserve is not only the place where those writing a page in history bring their tired souls.

The secret to its success is also behind the scenes. The owners of the legendary Reserve de Beaulieu, the Delion family, have managed to transmit their passion thanks to their absolute and devoted involvement with this French Riviera palace.

Everything happens for a reason. The establishment could have  »rested on its laurels », distancing itself or getting stuck in the glorious moments of the past, which could have turned the Reserve into the typical place that is only reminiscent of yore, with a somewhat old-fashioned charm.

But this is not the case, thanks to the Delion family, who never ceased to improve the quality of the services, innovating in accommodation and gastronomy alike. This is why, when the new international 5 star-hotel label was created, it came as no surprise to find out that the Reserve de Beaulieu was one of the first luxury hotels to receive the distinction.

For a long time, France was a world exception, due to the fact that even the most beautiful palaces could not go beyond the category of 4 stars; abroad, on the other hand, a good number of hotels of much lower quality were in this category.

It was necessary to remediate this aberration by allowing the most luxurious establishments in the Hexagon to access this distinction and be at the same level as the other 5 star hotels that were blossoming beyond our borders.

It was only fair that the Reserve was distinguished, almost one year ago, as a truly exceptional place where the quality has never fallen over the years. The owners had the ability to find an equilibrium between respect for history, which is the Reserve’s most distinctive quality, and the services provided to the customers that adapt to the tastes and needs of our time.