Waterbike in a luxury hotel on the Riviera

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WaterBike in the luxurious spa at La Réserve de Beaulieu hotel

Although WaterBike was originally invented for the purposes of medical rehabilitation, its beneficial influence on musculature – the decrease of water retention and the reduction of cellulite – have proved to be so interesting that it has become a true well-being instrument. For this reason, the luxurious hotel that La Réserve de Beaulieu is has acquired WaterBike so that you can benefit from its various qualities.

WATERBIKE presents several assets:

  • The drainage during the session constitutes an efficient treatment of cellulite and orange peel.
  • It sculpts the body and it improves the cardiovascular system at the same time.
  • It can be practiced easily and without major effort in tempered water, without strain on the joints.
  • The machine is lit up with gentle colour hues which are very beneficial for relaxation (chromotherapy).

The conditions are perfectly hygienic since the water is replaced before each session.
The use of ozone in the water provides micro-peeling for the skin.

BLANCHEMAISON, vascular specialist and phlebologist. This famous doctor and teacher in the faculty of medicine at Paris IV University has proved in his work that WaterBike is beneficial for the blood circulation in the legs and for the reduction of cellulite.

Studies carried out by doctor Blanchemaison have revealed a link between the deep leg muscles and venous lymphatic circulation by proving that the resistance water puts up brings many beneficial effects on antagonist and agonist muscles and that it also provides highly efficient drainage of skin and fat.

Active drainage works much more efficiently than a passive one carried out on a relaxed person; it allows for a stronger consolidation of the venous network and it diminishes water retention.

The interaction of three indispensable elements:
water – WATERBIKE – hydro massage
…enables you to achieve very good results in fighting cellulite.

With 16 hydro massage nozzles, the WaterBike proposed by the luxurious La Réserve de Beaulieu allows you to drain the sensible areas of your body in order to diminish orange peel lastingly.

With subsequent sessions, pedaling in water will restore energy and firmness to your body by toning your silhouette and transforming fat tissue into muscular tissue.

WaterBike is an indispensable instrument in the offer of a luxurious hotel. The exercise will strengthen your cardiovascular system and will be beneficial to your lymphatic circulation.

No matter if you want to reduce the cellulite, lose weight, strengthen your muscular and cardiovascular systems or simply diminish the sensation of heavy legs – WaterBike available in our hotel will serve your purpose.

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